Crafting a New Depth in My Yoga Practice

There is a myth that one can be “good at practicing yoga”. Lots of beginners say to me “Heather I’m really not good at yoga so please just ignore me in the corner.” It may come as a surprise, but we are all beginners at the practice of yoga. Yoga is a state of being and so it has a never-ending cycle of learning, growth and integration much like the ever changing seasons. 

Spanning over twenty-two years, my yoga journey has now reached a significant stage. Before I continue, I want to state an important message, leave any “shoulds” or “have-tos” to one side, you don’t need more of them as you continue to read this update!

While social media can assist businesses to help promote offerings and services, I’ve observed that the more I use it for knowledge sharing the more distracted I have become; mindlessly scrolling random information. I am gravitating towards simplicity, realigning my communication methods to echo the practices of yoga.

Yoga as a Beacon for Digital Mindfulness & Creative Revival

As I mentioned, Yoga is a life-long practice. The eight limbs, or eight-fold path, are common labels used with one’s yoga practice. Each limb, like the limbs of a beautiful large tree, act as a gentle guide towards a more grounded and mindful existence in day to day life.

It isn’t necessarily about stopping anything we seek enjoyment from, rather to be more mindful with what we do choose to focus on in our daily life. In our bustling digital age, the foundational first two limbs, Yamas (ethical standards) and Niyamas (self-discipline), have inspired me to reflect on my online foot-print. As I step back from the “noise” of social media it has become more evident how creative and imaginative I have become and that’s just in a couple of weeks! 

As I mentioned earlier, I don’t want to add any judgment to any of us who wish to and thoroughly enjoy using external social media platforms! There are too many things in the world that tell us we aren’t good enough or we “should do this” or “should do that”. I am determined NOT to add to that jumbled mess. Instead I am treating this as my own personal experiment of minimising what I place on social media. I am curious about the effects of this shift on my own deep sense of contentment within myself and may be that of my local community.


Focusing on Evidence Based Research, Article Writing and Newsletters

I’m shifting my focus to deep, evidence-based articles coupled with personal insights from decades of practice and teaching. This gentle shift allows me to share exclusive yoga knowledge, practical tips, and personal insights, far from the distractions of social media.

I invite you to join me in this lifelong journey of yoga, where we are all perpetual learners, each discovering what resonates most profoundly with our individual selves – body, mind, and spirit.
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By Heather Robbins

C-IAYT Yoga Therapist
Business Owner & Director
Yoga & Meditation Teacher

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