Terms & Policies

  1. Bookings For Group Yoga Classes

    a. Class fees are non-refundable and non-transferable due to change of mind once booked for the term at the discounted term rate.

    b. Catch up classes can be done within the current term if a class is missed due to illness or other circumstances i.e. you can attend another session during the current term subject to space.

    c. Unused classes for term bookings or part term enrolments cannot be rolled over into subsequent terms.

    d. Spaces can only be held with payment, please complete payment to secure your space.

    e. Part term enrolments are taken subject to space. You must let us know the dates that you will be here/away in order to take this option. Otherwise, please pay and attend casually or book for the entire term to secure your space for the whole term and catch up any missed classes during that term.

  2. Credits and refunds

    a. Credits and refunds are not usually issued for missed classes due to general illness except as noted above.

    b. Credits and refunds may be issued under exceptional circumstances at the discretion of Simple As Pi Yoga & Meditation (eg major surgery, severe injury, death in the family) as follows;

    i. Please contact us as soon as possible as we can only give credits from the date you contact us, not for classes already missed prior to this (we can often fill the space) For full or partial refunds bank processing fees unfortunately cannot be included. 

    ii. A note from your health practitioner stating you are unfit to participate in classes may be required in the case of a credit or refund request due injury, surgery or other major health issue.

    c. No refunds or credits are available for online courses once the course has begun and full access to the content has been given.

  3. Cancellations
    a. In the rare event that a class is cancelled by Simple As Pi Yoga & Meditation a you will be given the following options in this

    i. Come to a different class that week or another week during the term to catch up subject to space

    ii. Practice online via live stream if we have to close temporarily due to COVID-19

    iii. Receive a credit to use at another time

    iv. Receive a refund for the class

    v. You must contact us as soon as practical to request and arrange option iii or iv. We will assume you have taken option i or ii unless you contact us.

    b. Refunds for retreats, courses & workshops may only be given if you cancel not less than 14 days ahead of the retreat date and we are able to fill your space.

    c. In the rare event that a retreat, course or workshop is cancelled by us, we will refund your money as soon as is practical.

  4.  Health Issues

    a. If you have health issues then it is recommended that you consult with your health practitioner before participating in class. Discuss your condition and any special requirements you may have with your
    teacher. You should be comfortable throughout your class, if you experience pain please stop immediately and seek advice from the teacher.

    b. By confirming your booking, you agree that you understand that the instructors at Simple As Pi Yoga & Meditation cannot provide medical advice and that it is your responsibility to consult with a physician prior to
    commencing class. It is your responsibility to practice within your personal limits and to decide whether or not to follow the advice and guidance provided by the teacher.

    c. Whilst all reasonable efforts are taken to ensure your health and safety, participation in classes with Simple As Pi Yoga & Meditation may result in damage, loss, injury or even death. It is a condition of participation that you agree and acknowledge this.

  5. COVID-19
    a. By booking into classes with us you accept and agree to our additional COVID-19 plan & policies which can be viewed on our website here

    b. These conditions are subject to change due to the changing nature of the situation and government regulations. Please check back regularly to view updated policies.

    c. By booking into face to face classes you acknowledge and agree to practice online via live stream should Simple As Pi Yoga & Meditation be ordered to cease face to face classes temporarily due to COVID-19.