Yoga for the Workplace


"When everyone is busy and working hard, it can be difficult to remember to take those mindful moments for ourselves and this was a perfect way to do this."

INX Software

Accessible Yoga for the Workplace
(In-person & Online)

Facilitating weekly, specialised yoga and meditation classes within the workplace and/or online is something I enjoy immensely. These are unconventional environments for a yoga class but I never tire at seeing how the practices assist to alleviate the daily pressures we face in or out of the workplace.

As a fully qualified C-IAYT Yoga Therapist, I have had the privilege of leading various professional teams through therapeutic yoga programs. I have worked with organisations ranging from Telethon Kids Institute, public and private hospitals and software companies to name a few.  

My therapeutic yoga classes offer an array of mental and physical well-being benefits with an all-inclusive approach, suitable for individuals of all ages and abilities. Throughout each program I have previously facilitated, we have focussed on various themes, including:

  • Stress Management
  • Back & Spine Health
  • Self Care & Wellness
  • Emotional Balance
  • Focus & Concentration

Are the classes suitable for everyone?

You do not need prior experience of yoga to attend a corporate class with me.  My teaching approach is accessible,  inclusive and as  C-IAYT Yoga Therapist, it is scientifically informed. Each class program may help you and your colleagues manage the following: 

Client Feedback

Heather’s expertise was instrumental in helping me achieve the goal I created. The natural ease of conversation you have with Heather is testimonial to her passion for people and yoga. The improvement I had was substantial, and I’m extremely grateful for the guidance and care that Heather provide to me within the group class. 

Executive Assistant
Fiona Stanley Hospital


Thank you so much for guiding us through Mindful Movements in October, it was lovely to have 30 mins to an hour to take some time to connect with our breathing, our bodies and to calm our hearts and minds. When everyone is busy and working hard, it can be difficult to remember to take those mindful moments for ourselves and this was a perfect way to do this. The session on spinal health in particular was excellent, most of us spend our time at work hunched over our screens and this session was a reminder to stretch, move, look after our spines with great tips that we could apply moving forward. We had lots of feedback about how calming your voice was and that your way of leading the session made us all feel like we were in a safe space. Thank you for providing your expertise to INX Software, it was thoroughly enjoyed!

INX Software 


Heather’s classes were wonderful where she connected with people in the room and created a calm, welcoming space for people to unwind from the working day.

Telethon Kids Institute