“A yoga practice looks different for each of us. I believe in accessible yoga for all levels of fitness, ability & lycra is not a pre-requisite!”


Welcome, it's wonderful to meet you 😊

I have practised yoga for almost 21 years. I love how accessible yoga is, and can be practised anywhere, anytime. But what I treasure most about yoga is the ability to connect to the flow of my breath with or without movement, and calm my mind within just a few minutes. This is what lies at the core my yoga practice and my teaching today.

When I realised that yoga was becoming a life calling for me, I began my teacher training and spent the next nine years studying under some of the most experienced and respected yoga teachers in Western Australia. I developed a strong foundation in various styles of yoga, including Iyengar Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga and Hatha Yoga.

Today, I teach predominantly Hatha Yoga, using a therapeutic approach that meets you at your level of ability. Each time I unroll my yoga mat and guide my students through their yoga practice, I bring together the wisdom I acquired from my wonderful teachers and the knowledge I continue to gain from my ongoing study of human anatomy.

Every week is a little different at Simple As Pi Yoga, as I write my own sequences to support the various ages and abilities of my students. But although the poses may differ from week to week, I maintain a focus on strength, stability, relaxation and the breath. I gently guide my students through each pose, offering cues and variations to enable them to connect with their bodies and to move in a way that is aligned with their needs on that day. It gives me great joy to watch my students progress at their own pace, gaining confidence in their bodies and their yoga practice.

I invite you to join us and discover what a Simple As Pi Yoga practice can look and feel like for you


Beyond Simple As Pi Yoga

I have personally experienced and witnessed the many transformative effects of yoga on health and wellbeing, and I am endlessly fascinated by the interaction of body and mind. My passion for this work has led me to pursue further studies in the internationally recognised yoga therapy teacher training with the Wisdom Institute. 

I am also very passionate about furthering the development of Western Australian yoga teachers, and so I have extensively volunteered my time for Yoga Australia,  a national organisation that ensures that the integrity and tradition of yoga are upheld across the country. My role was State Coordinator. for over 2 years, I helped facilitate professional development training for all Western Australian yoga teachers.

I am a proud supporter of Zonta House, Refuge Association.
Assisting victims of domestic violence and those who have no home.