About Me

“A Yoga Practice looks different for each of us. I believe in accessible Yoga for all levels. Depending on what you are currently working with in your body, you may choose one of my small classes or you may prefer a private lesson. “


Why choose Simple As Pi Yoga?

Every week I design unique yoga sequences. These sequences offer my students a practice which and can be practiced by different levels of ability. 

What is my focus? Building strength and stability along with releasing tension and creating a sense of calm. My primary focus is on the breath and how it instigates the movement in one’s yoga practice. I also teach Private Classes.
Contact me directly if this is of interest to you. 


Experienced & Adaptable

I spent 9 years in training to become a Yoga Teacher and I devote my spare time to continuing training and professional development. I have studied under the best and most respected Yoga Teachers in Western Australia from various styles of Yoga.
All of my classes are open to all levels and beginners are welcome.

I am currently studying to become a Certified International  Yoga Therapist, a movement modality that is gaining worldwide popularity for chronic conditions.

“A sense of community is everything”.

Each Monday & Friday, after class, from time to time students join me for a coffee at the local Riverton Rustico Grocer. 

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Sound Bowl Meditations

Throughout my childhood, I studied and played musical instruments. Alongside my 9 years in training to become a yoga teacher, I also trained and assisted in the facilitation of regular Sound Bowl Meditation Sessions with Dana Longton from Sage Yoga

I now facilitate my own Sound Bowl Mediation Sessions with a collection of colourful bowls and sounds.

“Each bowl is made of 99% Quartz crystal and they resonate a different pitch. When the bowls are played together with care, they can assist students in deep relaxation and rest.
Certain environmental factors can affect the sound which each bowl resonates, so every session is unique and special. “

Simple As Pi Yoga donates 10% of all income to the local charity
Zonta House, Refuge Association. A charity that works tirelessly to assist victims of domestic violence.


I volunteer my time for West Australian Teachers.

I am a Registered Teacher and the State Coordinator for Western Australia with Yoga Australia, a National Organisation. It ensures the integrity and tradition of yoga is upheld across the whole of the country.

My role is to assist organising all the Professional Development Events in a  calendar year for Western Australian Yoga Teachers.