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Monthly, I publish relevant content to inspire curiosity into your own well-being journey.

Poetry & Relaxation Feature

In each of my classes, I extend an invitation to experience a guided relaxation session. Crafting scripts of my own inspired by the wisdom of

Crafting a New Depth in My Yoga Practice

There is a myth that one can be “good at practicing yoga”. Lots of beginners say to me “Heather I’m really not good at yoga so please just ignore me in the corner.” It may come as a surprise, but we are all beginners at the practice of yoga.

Demystifying Pelvic Floor

When we experience pelvic floor issues, it can lead to a range of problems. In such cases, clinical therapeutic yoga can support and act as a integral complementary practice alongside the guidance of pelvic floor specialists.

Beyond the ‘Sore Spot’: Osteopathic Care

As I continue along my own journey of well-being, navigating the challenges of living with a bowel disease, I’m excited to shine a light on the comprehensive approach of Osteopathic care and its beautiful synergy with therapeutic yoga.

Accessible Yoga for the Workplace

Online yoga can be fun and accessible for your staff to attend from anywhere in the world. I love facilitating weekly, specialised yoga and meditation

Focusing Our Attention

There’s always washing and other jobs to get done whether we practice yoga or not. Does the word ‘mantra’ put you off yoga entirely? The

Poetry & Relaxation Feature

This forest canopy, accompanied with cool running water beside it, was the birth place for our indigenous women. A place of such beauty that you

Yoga for Cancer

“Cancer takes our breath away, yoga brings it back.” Tari Prinster ~ Yoga4Cancer Oncology Yoga Yoga, an ancient practice with centuries of proven benefits for

Why Yoga?

So what’s so wonderful about practicing yoga? 🤣
Since I began practicing yoga in 2001, it has continued to become increasingly popular and for good reason.

A Student’s Story

  Every now and then I get a personalised note from a student about how my classes have helped them.  I wanted to share this

What is Clinical Yoga Therapy?

Although all yoga potentially offers therapeutic benefits for many, Yoga Therapy is a specialised modality that works synonymous with other Health Care Practitioners and services.

More Than Just a Plant

Embarking on a professional placement as a therapist in training was daunting. It is easy to get wrapped up in your own goals and not

The Breath and Jury Duty

The breath can reveal a lot about how we are feeling. This spontaneous system of the body is fascinating. It is constantly performing in each

A Teacher’s Thirst for Knowledge

Transcribed From Interview While at University, I failed most of my classes. But one day I stumbled across a unit called ‘The Search for Meaning’…


When life get’s “windy”

“Life doesn’t always resemble a clear blue sky.I practice Yoga for the daily challenges and upheavals.” Photo By Heather Robbins But this morning I awoke with a