Develop stability, strength & a sense of


Classes that support all Levels of ability

Are you having difficulty finding a yoga class that can accommodate your specific needs? Looking for a class that is gentle and therapeutic? You are in the right place.

At Simple As Pi Yoga all of my classes are open level and very welcoming to new students. Each week my sequences are different offering a variety in movement and relaxation techniques. Each class is gently paced with an emphasis on breathing and awareness.

What my students are saying:

“Heather has created the most relaxed, calm, non-judgemental classes.”


What is my professional experience?

I spent 9 years training to become a Yoga Teacher, in contrast to the average amount if 2 years. 

Studying under some of the most experienced and respected Yoga Teachers in Western Australia, I have developed a sound foundation in various styles of Yoga.

I am currently studying to become a Certified International  Yoga Therapist, a movement modality that is gaining worldwide popularity for chronic conditions.


Are you looking to feel stronger and fitter?

If you are also looking for a class that develops your fitness, strength as well as combines my skills of yoga and relaxation then here it is!

I am the co facilitator for Bootcamp Balance classes, offering yoga and mindfulness alongside fitness and strength building with the highly experienced, ex-athlete Denae Brown.