Develop stability, strength & a sense of


Classes that support all Levels of ability

Every week Heather writes her own sequences that offer support for different levels, ages and abilities. 
Each sequence is focused on building strength, stability alongside releasing tension and creating a sense of relaxation. 

“Heather has created the most relaxed, calm, non-judgemental classes.”


What is Heather's professional experience?

Heather spent 9 years training to become a Yoga Teacher. 
Studying under some of the most experienced and respected Yoga Teachers in Western Australia, Heather developed a sound foundation in various styles of Yoga. 


Bootcamp Balance Classes

Are you looking for more than Yoga?
May be a fitness class that also involves yoga & meditation?

Heather is co facilitator for Bootcamp Balance classes, offering yoga and mindfulness alongside fitness and strength building activities.