Beyond the ‘Sore Spot’: Osteopathic Care


As I continue along my own journey of well-being, navigating the challenges of living with a bowel disease, I’m excited to shine a light on the comprehensive approach of Osteopathic care and its beautiful synergy with therapeutic yoga. 

In addition, I want to spotlight a fantastic local gem committed to providing sustainable and holistic osteopathic services. If you’ve ever pondered the scientific practices behind Osteopathy (just like me), you’re in for a treat with Georgia Ellis’s words. Georgia is the business owner and Osteopath at Summit Osteopathy, and here, she offers us a window into the world of Osteopathy.

Osteopaths are highly skilled, university-trained neuro-musculoskeletal health professionals who work with a unique philosophy that “the body is a unit.”

What does that mean? When you come to us with pain or discomfort, we take the time to listen, piece together the whole story, and then assess how YOU move—your entire body, not just how your “sore spot” does or doesn’t move. We employ techniques like mobilization, manipulation, massage, dry needling, myofascial techniques, scar techniques, breathing education, lifestyle education, and exercise/rehabilitation advice to get you moving well again.

Summit Osteopathy exists to empower people to get the most out of life, with passion, joy, and purpose. Located in Shelley at the Tribute Street Hub, Summit Osteopathy boasts a team of highly skilled osteopaths ready to help you get back to doing what you love. We’re passionate about taking care of you, educating you, and empowering you to get back out there without needing to see us all the time! Pain is classically complex and multifactorial, whether it’s been there for quite some time, resulted from trauma, had a slow onset, or you’re unsure why it began. If you’ve seen many practitioners and now feel confused, fatigued, and a bit worried about how to use your body, you’re not alone.

We love collaborating with local practitioners, knowing that osteopathic care and clinical yoga are extremely synergistic. Due to the whole-body impact that pain can have on many systems, we believe that incorporating yoga into a treatment plan can yield excellent outcomes in mobility, pain regulation, sympathetic nervous system regulation, breathing, and sleep quality. The best part—and something we’re truly passionate about—is that clinical yoga provides a safe space to put everything into practice so you can have the confidence to move well again!


It’s worth noting that in WA, there are no local universities offering osteopathic training—all training programs are based in the Eastern states. As a result, there are only 72 of us practicing in WA. This may explain why you may not have come across us before, but now that you have, we invite you to explore further information on our website at While we don’t have a phone number, feel free to reach out through our contact page with any inquiries.

Thank you for taking the time to read about us.

Georgia Ellis B.App. Sci., M.(Osteo.)
Osteopath and Business Owner

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