A Student’s Story


Every now and then I get a personalised note from a student about how my classes have helped them.  I wanted to share this personalised letter in the hope it may offer you some inspiration. This individual has managed with so many health challenges and they continue to inspire me and others around them.  

(I have made no changes other than names to ensure anonymity. I am sure you will find it just as insightful as I have.)

“My life changed on Good Friday 2021. Whilst walking my dog I happened upon a very busy woman obviously setting something up. Saw the sign and was gob smacked. It’s Good Friday I was in disbelief, no one does anything on Good Friday.

Yes it was Heather getting ready for her class. She was busy but I saw it as a gift she was open. I was feeling pretty sorry for myself having just been diagnosed with CREST Syndrome, fairly rare painful and degenerative disease. However Yoga was a recommendation and here it was 5 mins from home.

BUT this is therapeutic yoga, no hanging from the ceiling.

Bless Heather, smiling, as always, said come along to my Monday class and try it out. First blessing was Heather, second the classes were during the day. 

After just a couple of weeks I was no longer falling over and found a inner strength that has grown over the last year and almost a half. I was suffering pain to the point I often couldn’t remember conversations with doctors and specialists

As I had had cancer since 1997 the doctors were all a bit negative with no answer to the pain. I was not supposed too survive the cancer so I thought, get stuffed I will find a way to have quality of life. There is no cure for CREST Syndrome. I was somewhat upset that after going through so much under cancer treatments to the point of almost dying, it was like ‘seriously’. Not the 60th Birthday present I had hoped for. But Heather has got me addicted, the results have been amazing. Physically I feel stronger than I have ever felt and learning more about my body and listening to it.

I can do things that, even as a marathon runner, I believe have made me even stronger.
No I am not allowed to do my runs anymore, but I am still strong.

The mental game is the hardest and Heather helps with that too. There are no promises of ‘it will all get better’ but the belief that we are capable of constant change. So yes some days there are tears, things we don’t want to face.

Heather reminds us to be grateful, patient and acknowledge that we have taken that time just for ourselves, a gift.

Recently when I was diagnosed with 2 pinched nerves in my lower back I was shocked. I have already been through 1 back surgery and I remember the pain prior to the operation, there are moments but in comparison, well let’s say I really didn’t believe my back was in the state it was.

I believe Heather, her classes and her laugh when you are low, has got me to the point that I can still do my classes without any problems. Plus I take home the knowledge of how to help myself to release or perhaps ease the pressure of the pinched nerves, plus helping me with symptoms of the syndrome I have, of which there are many.

This is not a sad tale, it is a joyous and thankful bow to Heather for her enthusiasm, empathy, encouragement and passion not just for her yoga but for us all. I am excited to know it is a Yoga morning, good, bad or otherwise. I would say to anyone, give it a go, it’s cool and amazing.

Thank you Heather for giving me hope, teaching me new ways to stay strong and the belief that my life is just getting better and better and I am worth it.

Bless you for all the hard work you do and the fun and laughter you bring into my world.

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