What does it mean to practice Yoga?

Yoga is not a religion. It is a science, the science of well-being,
youthfulness and integrating one's body, mind and soul.

Amit Ray

You only have to take one look on social media and you will find images of, generally, caucasian, fit looking women wearing lycra, practicing yoga along a heading such as “YOGA Will Change Your Life”, “Be Mindful” or “Practice happens Daily.” 

I am caucasian. I appear to be of good health. I am female and I take photos of myself in lycra and share inspirations. Yes the irony it is NOT lost on me.
Actually it took me a long time to take photos of myself in yoga poses and use them across my social media accounts, not to mention my own website. But to best represent a pose, it was inevitable, even requested by students. 

This brings me to a crucial point; yoga may appear to be, and it usually begins, as a movement practice for most of us but it quickly develops into a practice that encompasses mindfulness, healthy habits and nutrition and a personal journey of self discovery. 

Yoga is a daily, spiritual practice that connects us with our body, breath and mind. A yoga pose is just the beginning.   

Tired and taking a moment of rest, I asked my hubby to take a photo as I felt it would best represent what an asana practice is for. Our movement practice is there to support our daily needs not hinder them.

Yoga connects us with our body. it allows us to move through and hold poses, to navigate what it feels like when a pose is easy or challenging.

Jessamyn Stanley

Over the coming articles, I will delve into the meaning of Yoga referenced from yogic texts, my professional an anecdotal experience. This way, you too can further develop knowledge and understanding of this personal, yet spiritual, daily practice. 

So for now, can you share with me where you attended your first yoga class,  what it was like and do you still practice now?  This is a community space, separate from social media reams and adverts and focussed purely on growth, empowerment and support. I am genuinely curious about how we all navigate our own yoga practice and what we are curious about exploring. 

Om Shanti,

(may you go in peace)

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