1 Face-to-Face - Class Pass

Here is our Casual Pass for those that want to “dip their toes” in and see if they like the class!

That’s right. This is the option that has the most flexibility.
Perfect for those who wish to attend a class to try it out.
In the best interest of our health and safety, there will be a limited number.
Each student will be asked to book in on a specific day.

Valid for Term 4
Dates are as follows:
Week 1 – Starting 12th October
Week 10 – Starting 14th December

Riverton Pavilion Hall
Riverton Reserve
High Road, Riverton.
(The hall faces out to an oval & shares the carpark of the Riverton Leisureplex)

Once you have purchased your pass, Heather will be in contact with further details.


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In the rare event that a class is cancelled, or has to move online due to COVID 19, you will be offered the following options:

  1. Attend a different class that week or another week during the term to catch up
  2. Roll that class over into the following term (ie one class in credit to be deducted from term fees)
  3. Receive a refund for the class. Please contact us to request and arrange this option or we will assume you have taken option above.