More Than Just a Plant

Embarking on a professional placement as a therapist in training was daunting. It is easy to get wrapped up in your own goals and not focus on those of the students in front of you.

“I need to meet them where they are at” was my mantra for the past 8 weeks while teaching at Fiona Stanley Hospital. I have since discovered I am extremely passionate about working with health care workers; Professionals that give and give and give leaving very little for their own bodies, mind and sense of self.

I was offered this gift in our last class and it is so much more than a beautiful pot plant. Being able to spark a sense of curiosity and empowerment into one’s health is my main focus. With my first co-hort of participants it seems I managed to do just that.

This plant will remind me of those who entrusted me, a yoga therapist in training, with their time and well-being.
For that I will always be grateful.

Participant Feedback:
“During our time together, I have certainly felt an increased awareness of my breathing and watching it as it changes in time of stressors. Implementing the breathing techniques to start my day has been the most magic way to set the tone of the day. Alongside the breathing techniques the kind and gentle movements of yoga have been just what I needed.”

Credit to The Wisdom Yoga Institute for their Yoga Therapy Teacher Training. 

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